What is a First Fruits Woman?

In the Old Testament, the first fruits offering refers to the first portions given to God (Leviticus 23). In addition to being the literal first portion of the harvest as the Isrealite’s came into the Promised Land , this first fruits offering represents expectation and hope of the greater harvest to follow. Although in the New Testament, Jesus fulfills the first fruits offering (1 Corinthians 15:20), we can continue to keep this rhythm of gratefulness and expectation.

Isn’t this our deepest hope for our days? Grateful expectation and grounded hope? As mama’s intentionally dedicating our first moments of the day to God, we once again place our trust in him and our hope of the greater harvest to follow as the day unfolds. Since we all have 24 hours in the day, surely we can dedicate the opening of our day to reorienting our minds, souls and bodies to Christ.

Although getting out of the bed hasn’t been a mountain to climb for me, the intentional spending of my mornings is something I had to learn. In his kindness, the Lord provided mentors for me who walked this walk. These women got up before the sun, mined the scriptures for jewels, allowed the gospel into all parts of their lives, carried the hope of Jesus around all day long. They also weathered really difficult storms with profound, unwavering faith.

The Lord used specific women to light the way for me as I pray to do for you.

When my own storms began to brew, my faith stretched and steadied me. My God kept me. (Psalm 121:5) In the middle of my storms, the Lord nudged me to specifically use my mornings to glorify him and ground me. I wouldn’t have known it at the time but little by little I was becoming a #firstfruitswoman.

He prompted me wake up a bit earlier week after week. Verses throughout the Bible referred to mornings over and over and I knew the Lord was speaking into my heart and into my mornings. Reluctantly, I moved the alarm back ten or fifteen minutes at a time.

I would wake up, grab coffee and sit at our kitchen counter with my Bible and journal. Over time, I got to the point of waking up and craving time in the Word.

I began to journal my prayers – emptying my mind and offering my soul to the God who faithfully met me morning by morning.

A few months later as the storm was still brewing, an old friend invited me to add an exercise regimen into my day. This invitation found me (certainly not by happenstance) at a time when I desperately needed physical strength and nourishment. Surrendering my body to the daily discipline of exercise gave me hope and appreciation for God’s good gifts to me.

All of these faithful disciplines matter no matter what time of day. But, my overwhelming passion is the experience of how these individual seeds planted early each morning cause a bountiful harvest in your day and in your life. This is what it is to become a First Fruits Woman.

Disciplined, yes. Dedicated, yes. Faithful, yes. Motivated, yes.

But, more important than all of those put together… Surrendered to and Kept by God. Gratefully expectant and grounded in hope.