How are your mornings, friend? Are you hurrying and scurrying? Are dazed and taken over by the day before it starts?

We would all love to start our day grounded in truth, energized and expectant…but, how do we actually make it happen??

That’s why I created this workshop!

The Grace & Gusto Wake-up! Workshop is a four day virtual workshop filled with practical take-away’s from my own transition to meaningful mornings, several to-do’s and to-don’t’s for wisely using early morning time, recipes to make the week easier, and a few doable workouts to leave you feeling fit and refreshed. If you are excited about or maybe desperate for a fresh and faithful spin on your morning routine, you are in the right place!

The Workshop Outline:

  • What’s So Special About Mornings?
  • Your Time with the Lord
  • Exercise Meets Worship
  • A Rhythm of Prayer

Each day offers videos, scripture insights, action steps, questions to consider, resources and recipes.

Ready for YOUR fresh and faithful morning routine?

“Waking up with Leslie is a positive life choice for sure! Holy Spirit inspired and joy-filled, her sweet and authentic style is refreshing to the soul. Committed, consistent and down right fun, good for anyone looking for an inspirational lift to your day!

Melissa C.