Fitness Faves

Running is more recent hobby/challenge for me. My first race was the Marine Corps 10K in Washington, DC; all of my training was done with this 10K App. Last year, my brother and I completed the 26.2 miles of the Marine Corps Marathon together. We both used the 26.2 App for our training. There is also a 13.1 App and Couch to 5K app by the same developer.

Beachbody On Demand is my go-to for streaming workouts that challenge, strengthen and make me sweat! I love the calendars so I know exactly which workout to stream at any point. Fitting in a workout at home in thirty minutes or less is a game-changer! Two of my all time faves are P90X3 and 21 Day Fix Extreme. This year, I have enjoyed combining Barre Blend with my running days and the rebuilding my muscle strength with the new Muscle Burns Fat.

My daughter picked out these Bone Conduction Headphones as a Christmas gift for me so I can listen to music and podcasts while I run but still here the traffic around me. I have really enjoyed them (even around the house I can listen and still here my people!)

Brooks makes GREAT products. I ran my first 10K in Brooks Ghost and my first marathon Brooks Glycerin. And, I wore these Capri Leggings in both races! They are THE BEST!

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