Faith Faves

Jen Wilkin’s book, Women of the Word, opened my eyes to my need for Biblical literacy. It called me to invest more deeply in my knowledge of the Lord and his Word. This book transformed the way I view and study the Bible.  Jen’s Bible studies and teachings are thoughtful, deep, and presented with such encouragement. I recommend her full body of work.

The She Reads Truth app and daily devotion put me on the trajectory to taking seriously my reading of the scriptures day in and day out. SRT guided me through books of the Bible and sacred seasons, like Lent and Advent, in new and profound ways.

The Valley of Vision is a small book of Puritan prayers. The prayers are short but oh so deep and full of truth. Many of these prayers have encouraged and challenged me over the years.  They have given my prayers words when I had no words of my own.

These Gel Bible Highlighters make the Bible come alive visually. It’s fun to look back and remember times and circumstances just by glancing at a page of scripture and having a word, verse, or theme jump out. These could also be used to begin studying inductively.

My parents gave me this Mighty Bright Book Light for Christmas last year and I LOVE IT! I wanted something substantial enough to last and bright enough to allow me to read in a dark-ish room (think early am or close to bedtime).

My “conference” friend (I call her this because our friendship has been established by way of varying women’s conferences over the years). A few years ago, we attended a Family Life conference at The Cove in Asheville, NC. We both bought this Bible and were instantly in love! It’s a great resource for inductive study, but it’s also easy to read, beautiful, and loaded with cross-references for me and my nerdy friends!

John Piper recommends this Bible Reading Plan for many reasons (here’s the full explanation) I have grown to love it as well. I printed it and it goes wherever my Bible goes. I love the check marks boxes and the seasonal feel of the plan.