In the summer of 2020, I lead a group of women in how to meaningfully balance their faith and fitness. Amongst several of the writings and explanations I shared was the Old Testament concept of first fruits. This truth of bringing our best to the Lord – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically – to express our faith and hope in him intrigued and encouraged these women. It wasn’t that they didn’t know these things to be true but having the context of first fruits deeply resonated with them, and honestly with me. On the heals of that virtual gathering, I found myself daydreaming a dream I knew didn’t come from within me…..

Questions swirled around in my dreaming head like:

What if women had a guide to follow each day in bringing their First Fruits to the Lord?

What if women developed a desire for the disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, gratitude, and God-honoring exercise over time?

What if women were encouraged by the simplicity and practicality of bringing their First Fruits to the Lord instead of constantly discouraged by the overwhelm of the world?

What if women looked forward to each new season with faith-filled excitement, hope and joy?

In December 2020, the dream the Lord planted in me became a reality. The first in the seasonal series is A Wintertime Journal for the First Fruits Woman. All Glory to God!


Within the pages of this First Fruits Woman Journal, you’ll discover:
•    How to wake up on purpose, with purpose every day.
•    Clarity from having a weekly sketch in place.
•    Deeper connections to the Lord through a fresh approach to his Word.
•    Opportunities to reflect on God’s grace and apply his truth to the day ahead.
•    An energizing and Gospel-centered perspective on daily physical exercise.
•    Growth in wisdom and remembrance through guided reflections. 
•    Practical resources, recipes, and tips to encourage you along the way.

The twelve-week journal includes: 
A two-page weekly sketch and two-page daily spreads for focused journaling, planning, and note-taking.  
Sunday reviews and seasonal reflections to help you evaluate each week and the season in a meaningful way.  
Scripture reflection and prompts encouraging you to apply truth to prayer.  
Abundant room for reflecting on God’s grace and to unload other daily thoughts.  
Space to capture the life-giving discipline of physical exercise. 

I pray these deep, yet simple First Fruits practices lead you to experience Jesus each morning, apply the gospel daily, and enjoy heartfelt encouragement as you love the Lord with all of your mind, heart, soul, and strength (Luke 10:27). 

So come along, friend! You’re invited to discover how A Wintertime Journal for the First Fruits Woman can transform your morning routine and your mindset, leading you to abounding grace, unexpected hope, and a new, treasured intimacy with your Savior.