We get to know people by asking questions. Not really prying questions but interested questions. I’ve always admired people who are good question askers, meaning they don’t really run out of curious questions that are almost fun to answer. Hair stylists are really good question askers!! So are pastors, dental hygienists, and friendly extroverts. I marvel at them honestly.

In just the same fashion, albeit a more holy and reverent pursuit, this is how we get to know God. We ask questions of him and we ask questions of his text. When we engage with curious questions, he delights to answer.

For years as I read the Bible, my main question would be “What does this have to do with my life?” If I couldn’t see the correlation, I’d move on until I found something relevant or give up until next time.

A shift happened, however, as my desperation for God grew. I wanted to know him more deeply; I needed to know him more deeply. I can see myself now – mid-thirties, lonely, frustrated with all the things – asking:

How do I find you, God?
Who are you?
Where are you?
What is this life all about anyway?

As I sat desperately at my kitchen counter digging like a miner in the Psalms or the Gospel of John, my questions finally had a place to land. They landed on and in his strong and enduring Word.

The next time you approach the Scriptures, use these curious questions to grow deeper in knowledge and understanding of your God:

What does this text teach me about God? Be on the lookout here for who God is by nature. These are considered attributes of God such as he is strong, powerful, enduring, eternal. He is reigning, judging, delighting in his creation.

What does this text show me God values? Be on the lookout here for what God considers worthy. You may see this demonstrated individual or overarching story lines, parables taught by Jesus, the wisdom displayed in particular people. Examples are God’s value of perseverance, endurance, truth, and beauty.

What glimpse of Jesus can I see in this text? Be on the lookout here for God’s forever plan of bringing salvation, grace and peace to the world through his only Son. Evidence of Jesus shows up from cover to cover in the Bible, Genesis to Revelation. It is the most exciting scavenger hunt to search for our Savior, especially in the Old Testament! (Check out this resource by Nancie Guthrie!)

I am convinced God is well-pleased by our investment of time, energy and curiosity as we seek to know him more. We can trust the living and active nature of his Word to delightedly respond to our questions, taking us deeper and deeper into relationship and fellowship with him.

Are there questions you ask of Scripture? If so, please do share!! Let’s encourage each other in this holy, reverent and pleasing pursuit!!