This week is our anniversary. #14. I shared in a long post the war in our marriage. Finally after lots of hard fought years, we rest and celebrate in the goodness only Christ offers. A hard marriage led me to Jesus. After years of living “Christian” on the outside, I had no choice but to have Him rescue me from the inside.

Jesus did the unveiling, the convincing, the saving and I held on.

Here’s why I bring this up on – where I’ve promised encouragement to you through spiritual and physical disciplines – Jesus is the answer to ALL of the wars we fight.

Maybe your war is in your marriage.
Maybe your war is with your childhood.
Maybe your war is with desire for control.

Maybe your war is with your own body.

In 2015, I sat in my king size bed with my Bible open but my hope lost. In a desperate prayer, I moaned for God to show me more of Jesus, to help me understand this Son of His I claimed to follow. It was a prayer I prayed without any way of knowing how he would answer. This is one prayer I can truly say changed my life.

I just wanted Jesus. I needed him. It’s all I knew. As my world crumbled, he was the only one offering hope.

He’s the only one offering hope for your battles and wars, too.

He’s the perfect example, the faithful one, the exact surgeon, the revealer, the redeemer.

This doesn’t mean your fight will be won the way you hope, think, or expect. But, giving your war to Jesus, really giving it over, means somehow freedom will be found.

As you battle your spouse, your memories, your idols, your pantry, or your body image, may I encourage you to invite Jesus into the fight? It’s the strongest thing I did in my weakness.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxieties upon him, for he cares for you.”

Several years ago on a Glorious in the Mundane podcast, I heard ChristyNockels speak on this verse. She spoke about the word “anxieties” in its original form, “merimne” – according to Blue Letter Bible, merimne means “to be drawn in different directions.” Our anxieties, the things that keep us up at night, the things we battle, are drawing us away from the person and hope of Jesus. If we want to pull towards him instead of being “drawn away,” our directive is to “cast” it all upon him. Casting does not mean to haphazardly share a little of the struggle; to cast means to forcefully throw it upon the only one able to catch it. No one thoughtlessly tosses a fishing line into the waters; a fisherman purposefully casts his line into the deep expectantly.

If you find yourself with dwindling hope today in your particular war, I’m encouraging you to stop holding it all yourself and to cast it upon the back of the same Savior who saves your soul. Be brave today and pray this prayer, even if all you have is the faith of a mustard seed:

Jesus, I’m struggling under the weight of all the worry, stress, and emotion wrapped up in this battle. I can’t carry it any longer; it’s drawing me away from you. Take it, Jesus! Show me who you are in this battle of mine. Help me to know your love and your faithfulness. Help me understand you and know you more deeply. I’m casting it on you, Jesus, because I know you care for me. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

PS – The Lord graciously intertwined my spiritual and physical journeys to freedom. Now you know why I’m so passionate about these two areas of life and why I am convinced they cannot be separated. 🙂 More on the intertwining here.

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