Hey, hey, friends!! Can you believe June is knocking at our door? It’s been quite a year, huh?! Certainly not the one we may have counted on but one with many hidden gifts if I do say so myself! Here’s the thing…we can spend our time missing what was or spend it fretting over the unknowns still yet to come. OR, we can choose the life-giving, hope-filled option of spending today making the most of today!

The Psalms invite us to courageously ask the Lord, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90: 12) What does it mean to number today? Simply, make today count. Realize the gift of this day you are in. Make it worthy of being called today. Don’t force today to be like yesterday or tomorrow. The Lord has made this day specific and special. He calls us to rejoice and be glad in today! (Psalm 118:24). Yes, these days may look and feel different. But, don’t miss the beauty, value, and gifts found in each one of them. As we step into the sixth month of this year, may we do so ready and willing to embrace each of the thirty days June offers. To number them, one by one.

But, how?? How do we number our days? How do we make each one count? One simple method is pen and paper.

Does this mean a tightly held plan or a certain schedule or a pile full of goals? Nope. I’m here to say numbering today means marking it down , by creating a record. A remembrance. A rejoicing. I encourage you to number your days with pen and paper.

My Daddy gets a new At-a-Glance calendar every year. The kind with one week to every double-facing page. It’s lined by the hour and he does use it for appointments and reminders and such. But, Daddy also records every meal, every phone call, every dollar spent in that At-a-Glance. He’s done this for as long as I’ve been alive, so there’s at least 41 At-a-Glances piled up somewhere! It dawned on me last week as I observed him jotting down a Harris Teeter receipt and a phone call with my sister that this is how he numbers his days. A written record of the day, good or bad, cements the purpose and gift of the day into his mind and heart. You may not recall much about February 21st, 1994 but I bet my Daddy could tell you something about it!

I digress.

Today, friends, I’m encouraging you to walk into June, 2020 expectant and eager to number each day, 1 – 30.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Write down reflections. For me, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reflection days. No specific time. Just the reminder to think back on what’s gone well over the last day or so and why, what I might like to change/tweak and how, or remembering a sweet moment, conversation or lesson so they don’t just float away.
  • Write down a discovery about God. If you know you’ll write it down, you’ll look harder! I suggest reading a short book of the Bible such as Ruth or Jonah seeking the display of God’s sovereignty and his character through the plot and characters. Then, watch for those same attributes on display in your day. What an exciting way to number the day!!
  • Write down something unique about a meal or recipe. My daughter has been super helpful in the kitchen during quarantine. She’s cooked full meals, desserts, and put together an appetizer or two. It’s fun to write down the fun things such as, Tuesday – steak, sweet potatoes, salad…EK especially likes a juicy steak and always adds Tabasco, like her grandpa!
  • Write down plans to exercise for the week before it starts. This is great big motivator for me because the joy of the check mark is real deal over here. But, go one step further and add a little more detail. to number the day and the event even more such as, Monday – Run (check) 3.0 miles, 9:46 pace, Lauren D’Aigle kept me going!

Do you see the joy in numbering your days? Do you feel the energy coming from what you want to accomplish, notice, and remember from this little numbering practice? Aren’t you grateful for the kindness of God to teach us in this way? Doesn’t this make you anticipate today, tomorrow, and the month of June even more profoundly?

I sure hope so, friend. It’s a worth rhythm with a worthy result. As promised by our faithful God, when we number our days, we gain a heart of wisdom.

Heavenly Father, place in each of our minds and hearts the desire and discipline to number our days. To receive each day for the gift it is from your hand. Help us to rejoice in each day and be fully present, not straining to look back or forward. Keep us faithfully. Amen.

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