Yesterday, my family and I packed our bags and headed South. The salt air and different surroundings allured us. Since we are all working and schooling from “home,” “home” can be wherever we like. So, we drove over the infamous three bridges to Saint Simons Island yesterday evening. We walked right into the ocean breeze and into the familiar hugs of my parents (we’ve all quarantined for many weeks and were ready for this moment).

On our first morning here, I won the race of the early risers. I’m usually the first to wake whether in my own house or anywhere else. It’s naturally occurring at this point. My Bible reading plan took me to 1 Samuel and the story of Saul’s disobedience and David’s anointing. Then, it took me to the scribes and priests questioning where Jesus’ authority had come from in the book of Mark. I noted a few verses in my journal and asked these questions, “You saw disobedience in Saul’s heart, but something very different in David’s. You called David a man after your own heart and quickly anointed him as king of your people. What is it, Lord, you see in my heart?” I pray he reveals his observations to me as the day goes along.

My Cannon tiptoed into the living room not long after and squeezed into the over-sized chair beside me. After snuggling and sipping on a half cup of coffee, Kevin and I took off on a 4 mile treat of a trek together. It’s not typical to have an hour with my man in the middle of the week. At the beach no less.

Upon our return, Facebook took me to my post from this same day last year. It read, “First things first. This morning I had my alarm set to exercise early. But, even more than exercise this morning, I needed to be alone with my Lord and his Word. I was craving it. Until this need was met, everything else would feel splintered and achy.” I could have written those same sentences from 2019 in 2020, quarantine or not. I pray they are sentences I could honestly write on any May 6th I live from now on.

I paused with gratitude for these disciplines that have become life-giving rhythms. What may seem like a very routine, structured, out of reach approach to daily life from the outside are really simple grace-filled rhythms giving me life.

Without even thinking, I move through the same disciplines each day. Rising to read God’s Word, journal a little or a lot, and sweat. I do them without really any contemplation or consideration. It’s not because I am severely structured or over the top motivated. Nope. I’m not that impressive. The simple answer to why I go through these motions day in and day out is because it’s worth it.

The investments of time and endurance are worth it. He is worthy of it all. (This reminds me of my very favorite video leading up to Holy Week and Easter featuring Andrew Peterson’s “He is Worthy.”)

There’s not a day, specifically a morning, that goes by when I regret spending time with the Lord and moving the body he gave me. There are days that I may lean harder into one or the other and there’s grace all the while.

Here’s my encouragement to you: If you are going to commit to something, commit to things that are worth it. I can think of few things, if any, more worthwhile than drawing closer to the heart of our Heavenly Father by actively pursuing him first thing with mind, body, soul, and strength.

Maybe you have these same rhythms in your life and have discovered their beauty and worth. Maybe you need this nudge to jump back in. Maybe you need a friend to come alongside you and encourage you. Maybe you need to reevaluate your “why” to make sure all the superficial reasoning is peeled away. Maybe you don’t feel worthy to invest in such rhythms. But, friend, this is why Christ came – for us to enjoy abundant life . This abundance isn’t just found in the grand scheme of our lives, it’s found moment by moment, morning by morning as we come unto him again and again. When we spend time in his word, there is abundance. When we take good care of our bodies, there is abundance. When we enter into the day on a strong and steady foundation of grace and freedom, there is abundance.

These rhythms are just as much available to you, friend. In fact, I pray they become yours and we share them morning by morning going forward.

I desire for your mornings to be so full of these life-giving rhythms that I’ve created the Wake Up Workshop! If you are excited about or maybe desperate for a fresh and faithful spin on your morning routine, drop a comment below or reach out on

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