My favorite food right now is the Sumo Orange. I stumbled upon them last year about this time at Earth Fare (ours is closing, boo!). When my husband and I tried them and found them to be oh-so-satisfying, I had to rush back for more before they disappeared. I’d never seen a Sumo Orange before…they’re cute, complete with a little top-knot like my daughter wore for about 3 years straight. I’ve never really been a fan of oranges (except for one season in my life – I’ll share in a minute) but what I love about the Sumo is: they are super easy to peel, the juice doesn’t fly all over my face or my lap, and the taste is crisp and delightful. It’s like enjoying all that a good beach drink has to offer in the middle of February in my Acura.

Granted there are a lot of ways to look at fruit. How much natural sugar? How many carbs? How much is too much? What’s the acidity? Blah, blah, blah. I LOVE fruit. My rule of thumb is produce is a good thing – the GARDEN has been around a LONG time, peeps! No, I don’t eat 10 pieces of fruit a day but I will grab a fistful of grapes, an apple with some peanut butter, or a Sumo orange without hesitation.

All that said, I do think it’s super helpful to have an idea of what you love and how those things stack up nutritionally. A few years ago when I got my hands on a chart like this it really breathed some excitement into me because it was like a license to enjoy the goodness of creation.

So, here are my favorites and how I’d rank them nutritionally:

1. Blueberries – Fiber, Vitamin C, antioxidants; I enjoy blueberries with homemade granola and greek yogurt every.single.morning!

2. Pineapple – Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory, I always serve pineapple on taco night!

3. Avocado – low in carbs, high in healthy fat; serve on top of chili, tacos, or spread on toast with tomato slices, balsamic vinegar, and cracked pepper!

4. Apples – Fiber, potassium, antioxidant; my fave is honeycrisp with a little peanut butter and some dark chocolate morsels on top!

5. Strawberries – Vitamin C, folate, potassium; my fam eats strawberries EVERY day it seems, Lidl is my favorite place to buy most produce (esp strawberries and bananas!)

6. Oranges – since we’ve discussed my love for Sumo’s already, I’ll take license to tell a quick story here….When I was a junior in high school, my Pop lived with us. Every day, he peeled and sliced an orange for me and left it in the fridge in a little white Corningwear dish with a lid. It was a daily gift of citrus love from one generation to another. When I became an adult, I struggled with knowing oranges didn’t come peeled, sliced and perfectly deveined…then my appreciation for Pop’s citrus love went even deeper.

7. Bananas – potassium; we should have a banana orchard for all the bananas we buy! I love them with peanut butter but mostly in a shake – they add a fullness to a shake like nothing else! Every time my kids whine about being hungry, they hear “go grab a banana!”

8. Grapes – antioxidant; green or purple, each kid has their preference, I don’t really care. Cold grapes are like medicine. My kids literally crave them when they are sick. Frozen grapes in summertime – YUM (just eat them before they turn to mush – not so YUM).

9. Blackberries – fiber: I LOVE them, but they don’t love me back. Enough said.

What a gift to know many of the things we love to eat love us back! The freedom to enjoy the literal fruits of creation is a beautiful thing! So, go stock up, friends. The best price I’ve seen on Sumo’s this year is at Lidl (love all their produce, did I mention that already?!). Thank me when you taste that burst of sunshine in the middle of this wet and whiny winter!

Just for kicks – what’s your fave fruit and how do you love to enjoy it?

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