5:50 the alarm sounds.  Coffee begins to brew at 6am.  Breakfasts are made, lunches are packed.  We ready ourselves for the day listening to Sara Groves radio on Pandora.  Some mornings are full of chatter and laughter; others are quiet and move through the rehearsed motions.  Sometimes the early workout is done by 6:30; on running days, the sweat waits til midmorning.  To say that the school year operates like clockwork is an understatement.  The clockwork being controlled by some external machine that is sometimes our friend and sometimes our enemy.  It’s 8:15 when the morning rounds are done and 2:30pm when the longer afternoon pick up cycle begins.  Alas, the end of the school year is coming.  19 days remain of this schedule that has lulled us all right through the school year. 

In 19 days (more or less for you), our days could look drastically different leaving us with choices to make.  Our first set of choices is for the impending 19 days and the second set is for the following nine weeks or so of summertime.  The season is changing, friend.  Whether we ponder it or not, whether we dig in and make thoughtful, wise choices or not, the change is drawing near.  The changing of the times and seasons is nothing new; Daniel declared this truth 500 years before Christ by stating “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” (Daniel 2:21)

If we let it, this 2500 year old passage of scripture can breathe life and hope into the coming days of change.  There are two truths that I pray this verse will offer you.  First, change is in God’s hands.  There is no room for fear or dread or angst about what this shift in schedules will look or feel like.  This transition comes as no surprise to the Lord.  Since it is in his hands, we can be confident knowing there is purpose here.   Maybe you have great anticipation for summer or maybe you dread the long days and lessened structure.  Take heart!  The Lord can show you beautiful things about who he is and who you are in him during these changing seasons!  Second, the Lord stands ready to dispense his wisdom for how you are to approach this shift if you will seek him.  As the author and perfecter of our faith, the Lord Jesus uses every area of our lives, every twist and turn, every change to accomplish goodness and growth in his children.   Our role is to ask and seek his will and wisdom as we go forward.

With change around the corner, I invite you to ponder some questions to help inform your choices over the coming weeks.  Stopping to consider, seek and ask is wise; it is worth the time it takes.  So, we ask these questions not just of ourselves but of the Lord who “gives wisdom to the wise.”  Here are some questions and thoughts that come to mind:

  • What do I need to tackle in the next 19 days that will set me up to feel accomplished and free headed into summer?  You could revisit your goals from last August and/or January and make a concerted effort to check off the ones that need to be done during the routine of the schoolyear.  Maybe these are systems you hoped to implement, lessons you desired to teach or the commitment to have healthy snack options available for you and your family.  Don’t feel bogged down that it’s the end of the school year and you are just now getting to these things – you have the chance to get to them!!  Rejoice!!
  • What routines can I implement now so that I will feel confident and healthy as I carry them into summer?  Some thoughts are you can start now to invest in time alone with the Lord and his word, no matter the length.  The length is not the goal, it is the daily commitment to engage with him.  Starting early in the day with him makes all the difference!  You can choose now to set aside 20 – 30 minutes several days a week to get stronger – go for some walk/run intervals outside listening to your favorite podcast or tackle a favorite HIIT routine inside – something fun that you will want to continue.  Go ahead now and arrange some accountability.  Summer is a hard time to fulfill commitments; there is no shame in asking for someone to partner with you!
  • What changes can I go ahead and anticipate now so that I won’t be caught off guard and lose my footing over the summer?  We can decide now that summer workouts need to be shorter, but more often or that the time may need to change depending on childcare.  If we go into summer knowing we’re ready for the change, the chances of giving up entirely are far less.  If we are home all day, we can anticipate changes in our grocery shopping.  Bring on the healthy snacks!!      

So often we dread change.  Yet, change is God’s plan.  He’s in charge of the steady and of the shifting.  The shifting, the changes give us an opportunity to press into him, to ask for his wisdom, to see him as the only one who does not change.  Be encouraged that his desire is to enter in to these places that seem ordinary and to show you his faithfulness.  I resisted change for so long until the Lord proved to me that change is the breeding ground for the deep change needed in me.  Let’s go into these next 19 days of school and the following 9 weeks of sweet summertime anticipating all that the Lord has for us.  Ready and willing to embrace the changes already ordained by him.  I’m cheering for you all the way!!