Welcome, friend!

Are you weary? Feeling a bit like the earth moves beneath you each day? Welcome! You are in the right place!

Learning and implementing a few life-giving rhythms changed me from the inside out. Now, it’s my turn to share the love!!

Everything here will encourage and equip you to start each day grounded, joyful, and full of hope.

A little about me – I did not grow up in the church but have a profound love for Jesus as he has swept me off of my fledgling adult feet. My husband and I have fought for and fiercely protect our marriage. I surrender to the Lord daily in my mothering since I’m a mess on my own. I delight in being in a stepmom. I don’t do eyeliner or fashion trends very well. I love words. Stringing them together, delving into The Word, or belting out the lyrics to a favorite country song beside my daughter.

Mornings are my steady place.

The Lord has wooed me to himself over the last several years before dawn and has since called me to share the discovery of this intentional space of time before the fast-paced days begin. I’m an avid keeper of morning rhythms not because I’m stiff and so organized. Rather, setting aside morning time allows me to offer my first fruits to the Lord as described in Exodus. Encouraging and equipping other weary women to become First Fruits Women, upwrapping the joy of the morning, is a joy, a privilege and the work the Lord Jesus has given me to do.

I love to see the gospel transform a woman’s whole day as minds, bodies, and souls are offered and surrendered to him at sunrise.

On this site, you’ll find my new FIRST FRUITS WOMAN JOURNAL SERIES, my self-paced Wake Up! Workshop, my blog and other favorite resources to equip you to take back your morning and find joy, hope, and steadiness in the Lord early each day!

On Instagram, you’ll find daily encouragement and inspiration; you’ll see sneak peeks of Scripture-diving, daily sweating, and tips to make it all fit!

There you have it, friend! I’m truly so excited to meet you here! Grab some water and your favorite coffee. Keep your Bible nearby. And, dive in.

Let’s see what and Who we can discover together.

In Jesus’ name.